Hi everyone ! 

Want to know who Bella is ? 


So She is a family member of mine, my exquisite pet. 

The day I got her in my life , my life changed. I was so happy to have her and she is always the most spoiled brat of our small house. 

An inspiration, a true lover, this furry ball gave me a lot of positivity and hope every time I feel low in the hustle bustle of life. 

I got her in November and as soon as the winter arrived, I went out shopping for her , to buy her some new fashionable clothes. But unfortunately, I didn’t get any. NOTHING Fashionable at all ! 

I then without thinking of it even for a single second decided to stitch the thing all by myself and here is when BARK N’ BONES was established. 

Starting from Clothing here we are with all the range for our most important member of the family who never gets the chance to dress up well and get the best that their baby deserves. 

We now self Manufacture Clothing, Beddings, Accessories, Harness, Leashes and moreover Treats also for these little cuties. 

Being a pet parent I would completely understand the love and desire to dress their pet in Spiffy new outfits, luxurious accessories and beddings. And the utmost premium quality of Pet Treats.

We have also served in exhibitions like PET FED , IIPTF and got immense amounts of love and satisfaction from all the pet parents.

Also we believe in adoptions for pets because every street baby deserves good care and a good home. For adoption queries also you can connect with us.