Perfume AMOUR (100 ML)

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BASIL brings in a luxurious range of cologne for your pets, leaving them smelling refreshing every time with a fragrance that will last really long. Our colognes are carefully formulated with additional conditioners to leave the coat soft and shiny.  Spray being pH balanced with added Vitamin E and moisturisers is mild on the skin which you can thus feel comfortable using regularly. 

Suitable for all breeds and ages (above 4-5 months old puppies)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Shake well before using. Lightly spray product onto dry coat. Gently comb, brush, or massage into your pet’s coat.


Avoid pet's eyes, mouth and genitals. For external use only, do not spray on open wounds.


Store in a cool dry area and keep away from Children. Keep away from Fire 

Key Benefits:

  • Deodorises, Refreshes, and Moisturises
  • Leaves behind a silky & smooth coat
  • Luxurious and pH balanced formula
  • Added Vitamin E
  • Long Lasting Fragrance

Cruelty Free, Made in India, pH Balanced, Mild.